A day in the life …

… we try desperately hard not to judge in our business, Boobalicious and I have very well practiced Poker Faces, as long as we don’t make eye contact with each other!  Godmother often jokes and tells people our next business will be in blackmail with the things we hear and see!

Fortunately most of the people who visit our store are amazingly “normal” but every now and again you get someone who comes in and you just have to say, “WTF?!”, and then laugh to yourself.
I especially love the people who do or ask ridiculous questions, so here’s a selection for you:
  • Guys who come in to buy lingerie for their girlfriends who are all “co-incidentally” my size and suggest that I try the lingerie on so they can make sure it will fit her!  Ya dude, pull my other finger so I can puke in your face!  Really?!  They think I’m gonna prostitute myself so they’ll be a R200 camisole!  Piss off dude so some nice normal lady can come in and buy a R2000 vibrator rather with no prostituting involved!  Knob!
  • Women who come in with vibrators that they have broken while forcing batteries in the wrong way – and clearly with the help of a steak knife tried to fish out unsuccessfully – and then want a refund because the toy is not working!
  • Women who claim everything in our store is too small (vibrator wise).
  • Women who claim everything in our store is too big (vibrator wise again!).
  • Women who scrunch their horrified frigid faces up when you suggest she try giving her husband a blowjob or giving him an erotic massage – poor poor husbands!
Some days I want to just run away from my boutique … but fortunately most days I don’t want to leave it 🙂

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