Chantal Edouard-Betsy

I initially came from a corporate IT and Project Management background managing large international projects for consulting companies, working my way up from Developer to Project Manager in the IT Industry. I hadn't found my niche and as a hobby and creative outlet started "flipping" houses. It was an easy decision to make this passion my primary source of income, I rode the property wave for about 6 years, flipping numerous houses, building my personal brand and reputation, and gravitating naturally into the Property Investment and Sales environment when the Property market slowed.

In August 2007, after being approached by a friend to open a Sensual Boutique in KZN, I threw caution to the wind and with the support of friends and family joined her in opening a retail business called The Bedroom. This was an extremely fulfilling venture, and an incredible opportunity to further build my skills and develop my personal brand - the business won several business awards and my stature as a business woman in Durban increased greatly. After successfully franchising the business and growing it to 5 branches across SA we decided to sell this venture to move on to new things.

Somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, I have now married my diverse experience from IT, entrepreneurship, small business, franchising and networking to use the proven strategies and skills learned to help other small businesses to leverage their online presence to work for their brands. Enhancing or taking their business's marketing in an online direction through my company 1 Day Webs.

I am known for my passion, dedication, commitment to projects, work ethic, authenticity & creativity. I only know how to give 110% in all I do.


My growing family

I'm really looking forward to marrying motherhood and business success.  Working from home is the ideal opportunity to try and do this being a mom thing.  Vinny and I are expecting our Jumping Bean to arrive late June 2017 to join our 2 fur children in rounding out our happy family.