When sex causes elephantitis!

You know you have those experiences that you know you’ll laugh at when you’re rocking on the rocking chair on your deck one day when you’re about 103 years old?  Well last night was one of those!  The friend with benefits in on this continent for a few months so we get to spend some time together a bit more regularly – which is awesome for my sex life … not so much for my forehead it would seem …

During a particularly rigorous session of you-know-what-ing last night … he flipped me around and my forehead connected HARD (like seriously hard!) with the headboard part of my sleigh bed!  The world spun – and not from post orgasmic glow alone I tell you!  Last night I felt a little lump developing.  Today I look like the elephant man!  I have a tennis ball sized (not kidding) growth, swelling thing on the left side of my forehead!  Thankfully it is not blue … yet!

Lessons learnt :

  1. Loose the sleigh bed and move a headboard-less bed into the middle of the room if much more of this goes on!  
  2. Failing that – revert to the floor – although I shudder to think what accidents could happen that way!
  3. Can’t see us ever reverting to restrained, contained you-know-what-ing so no point even going there!
  4. Stock up on concealer to hide bruises and Arnica to speed up healing!
  5. Oh, and get another script for Urispas from Doc Bel!
  6. Or find a weak, boring sex friend with benefits … umm … let me think … pass!
The joys of you-know-what-ing!  FWB says this morning … well … at least you have a good story for you blog … LOL