Random Preggie Musings – How to sift through the conflicting information!

One thing you learn pretty early on in your pregnancy is there is SOOO much conflicting information out there.  It can really be quite overwhelming what information to consider and what to disregard.  Literally every question you have has differing opinions so what do you do?

I’m one of those people that believes anything worth doing is worth doing well, so faced with any new endeavour, I research, research and research some more … my head is filled with a huge amount of random knowledge … so pregnancy is a whole new category of knowledge I’m adding to my mental library at the moment.  Our first appointment with our OBGYN he was surprised by how much I knew … when we left Vinny laughed and said, “He thinks you know a lot, he’s got no idea who he’s dealing with!  This is just the beginning!”

So here’s my guide of how to sift through the conflicting info and choose your truth …

  1. Google and read … a lot … from many sources!  Don’t read the first link and stop there.  Also google pro’s and con’s to get both sides of the opinion.  This is the “gathering” phase.  Devour knowledge.  If one resource says “xyz” is bad … google “why is xyz bad” … find out what the basis is for them saying that it is bad.  Similarly for the “is good” side.  So you want to have a clear reason for why people think the think is good or bad.  Not just opinions.
  2. Now you have to start sifting through all the info you’ve gathered and making your own mind up.  How do you do this?  Look at where the information has come from.  Are they qualified (not necessarily by letters after their name, qualified by experience counts too)?  Are they respected?  How much weight should you give their opinion?  And do this for all the sources you have.  Look at the comments on the article and see what discussion has started – whether people agree or disagree in general, etc.  Ask yourself whether you agree.  As you go through this process you will eliminate certain sources and beliefs and finally come to your own conclusion.
  3. Anything you don’t understand – research more!
  4. Know that doctors don’t know everything and aren’t living your pregnancy.  You are the expert on you and your body, so listen to it and teach yourself about it.
  5. Take responsibility – don’t rely on your doctor, midwife, or anyone else to make all the decisions for you and to know everything.  This is a massive thing you are going through … you wouldn’t apply for a new job in a new industry without skilling yourself up in that industry, so how can you be going through such a massive new job and expecting everyone else to do it all for you.  You have to take the responsibility for educating yourself about your body and your pregnancy.
  6. Have the courage of your convictions – now you can feel relaxed and assured – you’ve done your homework and your decision or belief is based on a lot of solid research you’ve done – you can confidently make that decision and communicate the reasons for it to anyone should they ask you.  But ladies, please don’t feel you need to justify any decision you take … this is your body, your baby, your journey … so don’t feel the need to answer to anyone but yourself.

Happy researching …