For the bookworms …

Okay, so I’ve had my Kindle (3G + WiFi) for a week now, and it has gone beyond infatuation and has developed into a deep and intimate love!  If you’re a reader, you simply HAVE to get one!

I must admit, when I first saw the Kindle about a year ago at a friend’s place, I was impressed but had my reservations … I thought I was a PAPER book person … for me summer is all about lying in the sun around the pool devouring a trashy novel … and winter is all about hot and steamy baths while reading that psychological thriller … so I had my doubts that an electronic device could replace this for me.  Then last summer, my love affair with reading by the pool started waning after a string of paperbacks started loosing their pages because the sun melts the glue on the spines!  This riles me no end … and then after buying the latest Dan Brown and almost suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome trying to hold the fat paperback open to read it … I decided to do what I always do before making a purchase of this sort … and research the hell out of it!

When I read that the Kindle’s screen can be read in direct sunlight with no glare, and the lightweight and easy size of it, I have to admit I was almost sold, a ton more research and some requested Gift Cards for my birthday and my order was in!

So, here are some of the things I love about the Kindle for lay people :

  1. It’s sleek and light and super easy to just start using from day 1 of receiving it!
  2. It can store 3500 books!  Far more than my book shelf at home!
  3. It is WAY cheaper buying Kindle versions of your books than the traditional sort – like as in 1/3 on average of the price – I did the exercise with the last 10 books I had bought and compared the price I paid with the price on and couldn’t believe how much cheaper it was on Kindle!
  4. The screen isn’t lit up so it doesn’t hurt or fatigue your eyes when reading for long periods … and doesn’t stimulate you and affect your sleep patterns like reading on a phone, computer or iPad screen does!
  5. You can read it PERFECTLY in direct sun – I lay on my sun lounger this weekend while the FWB was working out on his TRX cable on the verandah and I was thrilled – can’t wait for a summer’s worth of reading!
  6. You can also read it perfectly in the bath!  I’ve done this every night since I got it, just don’t drop it in the water! 
  7. If you fall asleep reading in bed, it will turn itself off after 5 minutes and when you turn it on again it’s on the same page – you don’t need to go leafing through, skimming half the book to find where you were in that paperback.
  8. The battery life is phenomenal – if you use it as it comes your battery should last about a month on a charge.  I bought a lighted leather cover with mine which uses the battery of the Kindle to power the light, and I’ve used it pretty extensively, reading at night in bed with it on without a lamp while the FWB is sleeping soundly next to me … and reading in my dimmed lounge in the evenings.  I did more reading with the light than without and I had it connected to Wireless constantly – so I had to charge it after a week – but still – AWESOME battery life!
For the technology junkies:
  1. I recommend getting the 3G version not the WiFi only version – it’s about $50 more but well worth the extra for a number of reasons – if you don’t have WiFi at home or don’t regularly frequent a WiFi spot, you’ll have to plan these visits to get books, and run updates, etc.  The 3G version will connect to any network around – and get this – it’s FREE – you don’t pay for the connection anywhere in the world!
  2. It has a basic browser which is totally functional so you can browse websites wherever you are – I loaded my blog perfectly and google, etc.
  3. You can search Wikipedia, there are also built in dictionaries, etc.
  4. You can convert non Kindle ebooks free via Amazon, so say you have a pdf, or a txt, or a mobi that you want to read in your kindle – you can load them and read them as is, but what works better is to email them to your Kindle with the word Convert in the subject line and hey presto – when you next connect to WiFi your book arrives in about 60 seconds – converted for the kindle – so you can resize font’s etc as you would with any kindle ebook.
  5. The only file type it doesn’t support is ePub – but there’s a free app called Calibre that will convert your ePub to a mobi and then you email it to yourself to convert and you’re sorted!
  6. I learned that even though mobi’s can be loaded directly on to the Kindle via cable from your PC – it’s actually worth sending them via the Convert route anyway because it improves the formatting.
  7. FREE books abound – a little web searching – besides Amazon’s site itself where you can find loads of free books, there’s all sorts of free ePub sites as well, I have 230 books loaded on my kindle already and so far haven’t spent 1 cent!
  8. You can connect your Kindle to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and you can share a passage or anything with your friends or follows!  Gives new meaning to book club!
  9. You can even load MP3’s on your Kindle so it plays background music of your choice while you’re reading!
  10. Oh, and if you get tired of reading you can use the Text to Speech facility and have your Kindle read to you!
HELLO?!?!  Need I say more?!  TOTAL convert – one of the purchases I am most happy with making in a LONG time!  PS – I have read 3 books in a week already!