Random Preggie Musings – What’s with the weight gain?

I think we all have these fantasies before we fall pregnant of being this perfect modern mommy … you know the fantasy, right?  Slim, healthy, cute little bump, no additional weight gain … in your dreams you hear people saying, “You would never know she’s pregnant from behind” or “Look at that cute little bump, you can’t be that far along already, you’re TINY!” … you get the picture.

Especially as someone who battled with my weight my entire adult life – yo-yoing up and down for decades until I discovered LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and gained control of my health and weight over the last 2 years … early pregnancy and my weight gain was initially hellish stressful!

I could hear all the criticism loud and clear, contrary to the comments in my fantasies, I was seeing people looking at me and thinking, “How’s that LCHF working for you now?  Not so well I see!”, “Oh oh, here she goes again … getting fat!” … Initially, if I’m honest, it was devastating.  My pregnancy fantasy went pretty rapidly out the window.  It looked SO easy for everyone else and here I was 7 weeks pregnant and showing already with about 10kgs extra weight!  And I wasn’t even eating badly – I was making the right food choices, choosing healthy alternatives to my cravings, listening to my body and only eating when hungry and all that good stuff and I felt like I was literally expanding daily!  My FaceBook timeline was full of preggy selfies of my svelte friends who were all tiny and far further along … and hello me – the heffalump!  And then of course everything you read (Google, I have decided, is the devil when it comes to pregnancy!) talks about how many women lose weight in the first trimester because they are nauseous and don’t eat!  Like seriously!  I felt like a total first trimester failure.

As it turns out there was a reason for my early bloating (I’ll post more about “Twin Watch 2016” in another post!) because my hormone levels were through the roof … and guess what all that extra progesterone causes?  Bloating and hunger!  LOVELY!  Exactly what you need!

By about week 10 I accepted the fact that I was just going to be an enormous mommy and got over myself and tried to just have a positive outlook and stay healthy.  And I also started to embrace and accept something that I would encourage anyone looking at a preggy and being critical in your thoughts to embrace as well … and this is this simple truth … EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT … there are about a million factors that can send you in countless directions and you have frankly no idea what is going on in their body or with their hormones.  Some women don’t look pregnant at 7 months!  Some women show early!  Some women show late!  Some women don’t gain size anywhere but their bellies!  Some women gain size everywhere.  Until you’ve been there and experienced exactly what that person has, it’s frankly ridiculous to comment.

At week 15 now and post the hormone storm, my early bloating and weight seems to be coming under control – I’ve lost some of that initial weight and my belly is smaller today than it was 5 weeks ago (go figure) and I am slowly regaining my sense of humour on the size front.  I still can’t fit into most of my pants – but I’ll live and as long as the Jumping Bean and I are healthy, I will just keep telling myself … It’s just weight … it will come off!

What was your weight experience?  I’d love to hear!


  1. Kerry Bailey on January 5, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Gain almost 20kgs in my pregnancy and you know me! You are so right everyone is different! I’m still 6kg up from my preganancy weight but luckily I can tell you the bulk falls off in the first 2 months all on its own 🙂

    • Boudoir Madame on January 5, 2017 at 6:51 am

      I’m totally counting on the breast feeding miracle weight cure Kerry 😀

  2. Kerry Bailey on January 7, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    Oh gosh please don’t even get me started on breastfeeding. So different for everyone. My sister is a master breast feeder already 9 months on. I was in wreck in pieces after 3 weeks and canned it for my sanity and babies weight gain. But if you can do it gosh it’s amazing and so much better. Still suffer from the occasional formula guilt! But I was a formula fed baby and hell I hope I’m ok hahaha!! It’s all such a journey 🙂