Random Preggie Musings – Hot, hot, HOT!!!

I’m a summer baby – thanks to my French Mauritian blood – my body believes it was meant to live the island lifestyle somewhere. My skin is never better than when it’s sun kissed.  I rarely burn (when I’m not pregnant!) and I go instantly brown.  I hate the cold and I hate winter … every year sees me wishing winter away and sun worshipping at the first sign of spring.  I love the heat … normally!

But OH MY WORD, I didn’t realise how much that would change when I fell pregnant!  I have never struggled so much with our gorgeous Durban heat and humidity as I am now.  What the hell???  It’s like I have an internal Chernobyl on the go!  I sweat 24/7 … from everywhere!  I wake up in a puddle of sweat every night despite the aircon running all night!  And can someone explain how you can be losing so much fluid to sweat and still be so bloated???  And as for how to dress with this heat … you’d think light cotton summer dress, right?  … WRONG!!!  Unless you love the sensation of sweat running down your legs … which I don’t particularly!

At the moment I have 3 spots I can be comfortable – in our bedroom aircon … wallowing in our pool … and on the couch with a portable aircon right next to me blowing directly on me!  Anything else is out of bounds … my gorgeous home office with no aircon is a challenge.

I always hated my birthday being at the end of June because I always have a cold winter birthday and I was made for beach parties and sunshine … now with my Jumping Bean due right around my birthday I have to wonder if I’m going to have a new appreciation for the winter chill of our birth months.  I have to say I am looking forward to the last few months of my pregnancy being in autumn and winter because it will just make dressing so much easier!!!  Tights and sweatshirts for the win!!!  I never in a million years thought I’d find myself saying this … but bring on the winter chill!