This Madame loves…

Life is pretty good at the moment – no doubt the result of regular gym sessions, a couple of tan can sessions and some horizontal cardio here and there 😉

So, been meaning to write this post for a while …  as Duffy pointed out this weekend … I’m someone who actually talks about awesome businesses or products and refers people, rather than someone who only mentions a brand in complaint – I like this about me!

So, here’s a list of some of my favourite things at the moment, use it or lose it :

  1. IQ Skin Care Range (
    Okay so seriously, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this range!  I’ve been evangelizing left, right and center – and so many friends, colleagues and family have now tried it and love it just as much – so time to spread the word further.  It’s a range that’s been around for a while but up until recently was only sold in Clicks and is cheap – call me a snob but I associated this with a “low quality” range 🙂  It was developed by local Durban Dermatological Dr Len Nel for the South African climate, and when I found this out, I decided to try it out.  Also needs to be stated, I have used several expensive and fancy brands up until this point (Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder & Dermalogica specifically) and am comparing it with those, not with Nivea or something!  And let me tell you – this range which costs a quarter of the price of the fancy brands is the best stuff I’ve ever used EVER – it’s taken 5 years off the look of my skin!  Their starter packs are R100 and I recon would be 10 days worth of use – try it out!
  2. aQuelle Pure Lemon Sparkling Water (
    Just try it!  Addictive!
  3. Meditteranean Flat Bread at Splashes Glenashley (
    Ditto – do yourself a favour – YUMMO!
  4. Biosculpture Gel Overlays from Biosculpture on Broadway (Durban North)
    Sthembile is a legend! I use colour 63 religiously.  While you’re there, get a foot massage & pedi with Norma!  HEAVEN!
  5. Hair by Vanessa at Head Over Heels at The House in Windermere Road
    Now all the hairdressers out there who claim to do my hair can get knotted!
  6. Woolworths Foods
    Need I say more?
  7. Iron Fist Platform Heels (
    They have turned me into a total shoe whore!
So, there you go … do yourselves a favour and treat yourself to things I really love – not things people claim I love! 🙂