Where can I sign up for an “Anti-” Alter Ego?

Most people have alter egos that are more exciting than their normal identity, right? That’s most normal people anyway … well I guess in my case, I need and anti-alter ego, because the reality is I can’t go anywhere or do anything without “the boutique” becoming the focus of attention. Which is thoroughly entertaining for those there, but actually like work for me, not that I’m complaining, I really am not, but sometimes I wish I was just Chanteuse – the librarian, or Chanteuse – the book keeper, or something else so boring no-one ever asks you any questions and you definitely don’t feel like you’re hijacking every event, dinner or party you attend!

What is it about women and sex? We can’t talk about it enough!
So, last night, I went to a cooking school dinner thing with one of my fellow “book club” mates, Doc Bel … it was a great catch up evening, and with 6 new ladies I had never met before it was a lovely relaxed evening, for about 20 minutes until the owner of the cooking school asked, “So Chanteuse, do you own The Boutique?” and it was all downhill from there – LOL …. the conversation deteriorated to strap-ons, vibrating vaginas and bizarre items found in various orifices!
It was hilariously funny, as these discussions always are, and made for a supremely interesting cooking class, but as I drove home I couldn’t help thinking …
I have GOT to get that anti alter ego thing sorted … Chanteuse the librarian – ya, got to speak to Fashion Girl and get her to make me a suitably “Librarian-ish” costume for these events!!!
Life is never boring for me, I guess that’s ayoba hey? 🙂

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  1. Doc Bel on June 15, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Sorry hon… entirely my fault (although your car is a bit of a giveaway too!) How about next time we go somewhere nobody knows us, you can be a librarian and I'll be a waitress. Should stop any further profession-related conversation dead in it's tracks instead of the usual..” oh that's soo cool, cos I have this friend who… ” 🙂 Apologies… Doc Bel