Random musings…

When will my domestic worker stop “correcting” my perfectly laid out chair and ottoman at the bottom of my bed? Every morning I put it at an angle and place my books just so on it, and every evening when I get home, she's “fixed” it! ARGH!!! I know it sounds really anal of me, but my room is my haven and I just want it the way I want it when I walk in! I like angles, and my things just so, and she keeps straightening it up! Don't even get me started on the lounge cushions, I've actually just given up on that front! Or the book I'm currently reading that gets put back on the bookshelf sans bookmark EVERY DAY! Could tear my hair out!

Hyperthyroid Highway is in full swing again for the last four weeks now! Along with the usual palpitations, overheating and insatiable appetite, I also begrudgingly welcome my friends, Insomnia and Porridge Brain! Monday night I went to movies, managed to reverse into the car behind me, that I had walked past in order to get to my car, and with no one in front of me so I could have just driven forward and out of the parking! Then I drove half way home before realizing my hand brake was up! And went to bed without setting the alarm, which I do every night! It's like being a total loon! Of course I never slept! By Tuesday after a month of sleeping appallingly, I was literally so tired and frustrated I developed a raging headache and the constant mild nausea became so bad I puked twice! Delightful! On the positive side, I couldn't disappoint Fashion Girl, who had made dinner for me, so after yawning my way through a deliciously relaxed dinner with her, I went home, took a handful, well 3 actually, of muscle relaxants and slept 12 hours straight! I have never felt as relieved as I did today! Insomnia is a vicious beast!

Just had a particularly interesting cooking school class, but that is fodder for tomorrows musings 😉 Good night all.