Countdown to Cougar-dom begins…

I’m turning 35 this month! I’m so excited, ‘cos this means I’m officially a Cougar! What has this world come to???!!!! Well, I guess since I haven’t been with 1 guy older than me since I was like 22 or something stupid, AND, the official definition of a Cougar is 35 year old or older women who hooks up with younger guys, I will officially enter Cougar-dom! Hilarious 😀

The things that get me excited – laughing out loud!
Lazy weekend ahead, thank goodness, ‘cos thanks to Hyper Thyroid Madness I’m not sleeping again! 😀
Also, the end of an era is approaching, my house-mate, Frenchy, is moving out, after nearly 2 years of living together 🙁 Terribly sad, she’s one of the best house-mates I’ve ever had, crazy and loud as she is, I love her, and her fat cat Monty 🙂 Mad Jessie, , my female Jack Russell, is sure gonna miss humping Monty the male cat! I know, it’s hilarious, but that’s the way we roll at my house LOL!
I have a new house-mate moving in to take her place, from the same circle of friends, so hoping my house stays as wonderful and fun as it has been thus far 🙂 The new house-mate, let’s call her Duffy, has a Maltese Poodle, who’s moving in with us, we love animals…
So we started with a dinner the other night to introduce the animals to each other, hilarious, my male Jack Russell, Pork Chop, didn’t worry too much at all about this other male on his turf, he just spoke nicely to DuffyDog, begging for play time, and sat watching DuffyDog for ages, mad Jessie, on the other hand, in typical Jessie style spent the whole night trying to hump poor DuffyDog and a few squabbles ensued! I fear poor DuffyDog may be taking Monty’s place in the house as Jessie’s preferred “Humping Aid” LOL! Of course, I gave Jessie a good few spankings to try and get the message across that it’s not okay to hump DuffyDog, but instead of disciplining Jessie, I managed to stuff my finger up – and 2 days later – although the swelling has now gone down, it’s still black and blue. Joy! Can only laugh at myself and my crazy animals 😀