Hubba hubba!

So yesterday was a particularly uneventful day at the boutique… until the most divine hunk walked in just before closing time! Damn, this boy was first in line outside the “Hotties Here” door! And he was a pommy, not the crass-wrong-end-of-the-tracks stupid sounding pommy, but that really deliciously posh sounding sort, the sort that had me weak at the knees when he said, “Sorry, I didn’t realise blokes weren’t allowed in the store, shall I make an appointment?” An appointment??!!! No!!!! Get in here you eye-candy you!!! He looked like a slightly more approachable version of Becks, lovely naughty crinkly eyes, but smart! Kidd you not! Needless to say I stammered and stuttered through a little tour of the boutique before I retreated back to the safety of my office!

Damn! It’s not often I have really great chemistry with someone, my mates will attest to this! When they here I find someone irresistible, they normally want proof, such a rare event it is, Fashion Girl immediately suggested I find some reason to take a photo of the bloke 😀 And suggested I ask him to explain the ins and out of soccer scoring – bless!
So long story short, the rather lovely gent bought our most popular couples vibe for his very lucky girlfriend and promised to bring her in when she arrived from the UK …
Insert poker face smile here!!! Yes, because that is what I really want, to meet your lucky girlfriend 😀
Ah well, good fantasy fodder if nothing else, and yet another typical day making couples happy all over …
Hellllllooooo Karma, did you hear me???????????? LOL!