Musings from the treadmill … again

It’s funny how much we put up with as women before we say, “enough is enough”, and change it. What is it about us that we put ourselves last on our list? Well, I decided during and shortly after my leave (when I last blogged) that some changes were needed and it was time to re-evaluate and re-group! Not a moment too soon, I am thoroughly convinced I was about to drive myself dilly.

I made a major schedule change which has literally changed my life over the last couple of weeks, and the transformation over that period has been amazing.
I’m quite a simple character to read, I read like an open book, literally … for me when I’m happy, I’m thin, sociable, healthy, I gym, sleep well, etc. When I’m miserable I comfort eat, become anti-social, gain weight, cancel gym, get insomnia, etc. Vicious cycle! Over the last 2 years I have been sprinting on the treadmill of my life, at pace, with very minor breaks, and wondering why that’s not working so well. Having this schizophrenic, 2 businesses thing is a nightmare as well, as, although I am a capable juggler and can be super productive, I really work best when things are compartmentalised and my focus is not split. Not ideal when you’re running around doing the car thing 3 mornings a week, trying to do both jobs after that and then trying to play catch up at the boutique, that is actually my passion, on Thursdays and Fridays. Long story short it just wasn’t working, and hadn’t been for a while.
So, after much thought, and discussions with Sun Goddess, I changed my schedule to focus totally on the car business on Mondays, leaving the rest of my week largely free to focus on my boutique. Oh my word, you can’t believe the difference two weeks of this has made to my life! Boobalicious commented late last week that I was starting to dress like “me” again! And she was so right, the slog that my life had become had actually resulted in me loosing a lot of me!
So, I have simplified my life, chopped my hair off, started dressing in my beautiful clothes, wearing high heals again, etc! I feel so like me again! I feel energised and wonderful! I have even managed to fit extra gym sessions in over the last 2 weeks, and as usual when I’m happy I’ve shed 3kgs already! It’s really stupid that at 34 I have to keep teaching myself the same lessons and going through this again and again, but hey, I guess that’s my cross to bear… running on the treadmill of life, this time smiling and looking fabulous!!!
Talking of treadmills, I have to share this bit of comic relief with you, as I’m sure you will laugh out loud at this one! I swear I should really write a book with the stupid things I do!…
So, last week, as mentioned, I fitted in some extra gym sessions, including a cardio session with Fashion Girl … the two of us started off with the treadmill at Virgin Active Gateway … long story short – but I had told her about something that happened at home and while we were on the treadmill I got a text message on the topic, so in my infinite wisdom I decided to show her the message while running on the treadmill next to her … she wobbled and corrected herself as I watched … and then wouldn’t you know it, I misstepped and came down like a ton of bricks on my knees on the treadmill! Of course, in my shock and horror, it took me a while to think to hit the emergency stop button and I kept attempting to get up on my knees while holding my blackberry and with head phones in! Rolling eyeballs at myself!!! Eventually I hit the emergency stop button and sorted myself out and carried on… making sure not to turn around and check the hilarity behind me. Man, I must have been a sight! About 20 mins later I thought, shew, my knees are stinging a bit, pulled my gym pants up and realised I had 2 bloody knees, scraped up pretty badly. A week later as I type this, I sit in my skirt with my scab knees and my bruised arms! What must people think when they come into my sex shop… carpet burns!!!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh VERY LOUDLY at oneself! 😀 This is one of those times.
Good life lesson I suppose … one simply cannot run on a treadmill and try and share info on a blackberry … compartmentalise woman! 😀
Happy to be back, hope to blog more often now that I have my life back…

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  1. Genna-wae on April 21, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    welcome back 🙂