The reality of holidays…

Okay, so forgive me, I know I’ve been dead quiet, I worked myself silly before my leave started last Thursday so I could enjoy the time off properly … and wouldn’t you know it, by Friday night, I was sick with flu! Frikking typical!

So it seems the most memorable part of my holiday will be the rather copious amounts of snot my body is capable of producing! Bugger! This is NOT fun and NOT how I wanted to spend my holiday! 🙁 And it’s just about over, I’m back on Monday already, it’s flown by in a haze of tissues, medication, and sweaty sleep, UGH!

So I finally picked up my notebook yesterday for the first time in almost a week, hey, if I’m gonna be pretty much stuck in bed, I may as well be productive! I can’t watch any more TV! And the thought of going outside and lying in the sun with a pounding sinus headache is just torturous!

SO, what news of late, shew, so much of news – and unfortunately I am sworn to secrecy on most of it … so can’t share too much … suffice it to say there are a lot of new developments in a lot of my friends personal lives 🙂 It’s all so exciting … but leaves me sad in a way, because it highlights how stalled my personal life is … everything is going fabulous with the boutique, it looks like taking our business to the next level is really going to get going, I landed a new client on the car dealership side, I’ve had to turn web work away in my personal capacity because there just aren’t enough hours in the day… I mean really … from a career perspective, things really are going phenomenally well! But at the end of the day I come home alone, with no-one to tell, and that really sux! I keep rationalising the situation and I tell people it’s probably a good thing, ‘cos when would I ever find the time for a man in my life with all these balls I’m juggling?!?! But, if I’m honest, it still sux! What’s worse is ALL my friends are involved, and it’s not like they don’t care, but I think people can forget pretty quickly what being single is like. And Dreamer has dropped off the face of the planet since The Dove took offense at my blog post about Evolving Friendships … so I don’t have my closest friend to talk to anymore … let’s hope I don’t get hit by a bus tomorrow – my obituary will be like a recital of my CV!

So am I just moping and feeling sorry for myself? No, the previous paragraph may sound like it, but I’m just being honest, it’s my blog, I get to do that! If you don’t want to hear it, you don’t have to read it! 😀

So my current mission on the personal front is to find a new BFF, one that won’t ditch me when they start dating someone, and definitely one with a vagina! Can’t do this Dreamer thing again, over it! Had a long lunch with a fabulous chick on Friday (before I got sick) – we have so much in common it’s crazy – our birthdays are like 1 day apart – so we get each other, we’re both crazy Cancerian chicks 😀 So as is tradition with this blog, the lady needs an alias … and since she is currently obsessed with action figures for an upcoming photo shoot, I dub her … Fashion Girl!!! hahaha – can picture it now, fabulous Wonder Woman like outfit (only WAY better – Wonder Woman is like SO 80’s!), jet black wig and look to kill! Sure she’ll have a good giggle at this.

The only excitement on the horizon is the possibility of Hunky Dunky (Personal-Trainer-Friend-With-Benefits) moving back to Durbs in January, that truly is something to look forward to! Until then I shall post him sexy snail mails (yes they do still exist) to Afghanistan where he’s enlisted! Crazy boy I know, but it’s so him, gotta love his adventurous spirit, it’s one of his best traits! Hope he never changes!

Well, back to TV I guess, yawn, bored! Going to attempt personal training tomorrow, hopefully I don’t sneeze all over my poor personal trainer 😀

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  1. bondgirl on April 15, 2010 at 11:18 am

    i havent forgotten singledom, i dont like it.