Honesty vs. Two-faced Civility

So what is best really?

I ponder this conundrum…

One one hand, being two-faced is very easy, when you don’t particularly care about the person on the receiving end. What do you care really if the arb person looks hideous in that shade of lipstick? If she asks you what you think of it, you’ll plaster a Mona Lisa smile on your face and say, “lovely dear”. You’ll sleep fine. So what?

Being two-faced to a friend, MUCH harder, ‘cos you care, you will see them again, and you want the best for them. So you won’t let them walk around with that nasty, unflattering, orange lipstick, you’ll say, “Babe, that’s looks so luscious, but why don’t you try that one rather? And hope that they prefer the much more flattering thing they are suggesting.

Unfortunately, in the real world, things don’t often turn out this way, very seldom does said friend actually get your subtle suggestions, and then you sit at that crossroads …

Do you … gulp … be honest and stand the chance of hurting their feelings … or do you … shudder … let them make a complete fool of themselves and hear all the snickers directed at them???

It’s a fairly common theme in my life, I tend to err on the side of honesty, which is not the popular path to take, let me tell you! For me, I have a simple rule, if being two-faced is going to cause them harm or to be the butt of jokes, and if being honest can help prevent that (without hurting unnecessarily), then I’m honest and I prepare myself to face the consequences. For me, this is what’s right and I sleep better at night having done the right thing by my mate.

Amazes me how many people out there call themselves “friends” but are two-faced to their friends.

I sleep just fine thank you. I wonder how some others do.