Declaration of Independence

Okay, so this is ridiculous blogging once a month! And to be solved immediately! Why have I not been blogging of late, I think it’s because I suddenly became aware that a lot of people are following my blog and know who I’m referring to, etc. and it made me feel uncomfortable being honest on my own blog! So I feel I’ve started writing for others and not for myself. And this blog is really here for me and not others, if you like what you read, great, if not, tough, but this is my declaration of independence. If you know me and you don’t want to know what I think about you or others, don’t read my blog, it’s that simple! Bugger off now will you 😀

To those still reading…
I have a confession to make …
I have also been pouring myself into writing letters to Hunky Dunky in Afghanistan and that’s probably the other reason why I haven’t made the time to blog lately, sorry if this sounds callous, but a boy in Afghanistan needs my words more than you do sitting reading this on your notebook, or you phone, somewhere comfy 😉
I’ve had a pretty shit week, not like really crap, but you know you have one of those weeks where you just feel flat, and fat (LOL), and the smallest things seem like mountains, you can’t get enough sleep, etc. etc. You women out there will understand what I’m on about! Seriously time to get the Mirena! Over this crap! 😀
Can’t say life has been terribly exciting of late, no crazy jols, every one seems to be making babies, hooked up, or something 😀 Except me of course 🙂
So, it’s pretty obvious now to those that know her, Bond Girl is making a boo 🙂 How flipping exciting!!! It’s actually awesome because we had drifted apart during her marriage (when she was preggers with her boys) and I never really got to go through the whole experience with her! Now I’m so busy, I guess I’m not going to get to see too much of it this time either, but man, what an awesome thing to witness! So excited for her and her gorgeous young man, who’s going to make an awesome dad by the looks of things.
Funny Girl has moved up to Jhb to try and make a boo with her hubby up there 😀 Sadly this means fewer debauched evenings with her 😀 But we’re trying to arrange our Fabulous Females Book Club around her monthly trips back to Durbs, so hoping this is not the end of our debauched, and always sexual, ladies evenings 🙂
Fashion Girl is a hoot! We have the poor woman working weekends to try keep up with the demand for sexy knickers and novelty items at the boutique! We just can’t get enough made! It’s crazy! She’s making SUCH beautiful stuff though, too pleased! Note to self – must schedule lazy lunch with her again some time 🙂
OH! Breaking news, my brother has a girlfriend!!! It’s too cute, she’s young, but lovely, as with all new relationships, there’s a lot of on again, off again, happening, but at least there’s something happening for him 🙂 He’s the best boet, and raised by women, so an awesome catch for any chick. I’m so jealous, the boy has just been watching what he’s eating and cut back a little and has lost something ridiculous like 12kgs or something! Boys have it so easy in that department.
Right, almost home time… I’m gonna go home, fill my bath with hot water and bubbles, pour a Singleton, play some Madeleine Peyroux, and thing of the evenings I’ve spent in that bath with Hunky Dunky! May he come back in one piece to share a few more with me!
Have a great weekend everyone, and yes, I know, I’m kicking my own ass for not blogging more often.