Shame… challenged!

I confess… I do not suffer fools gladly… some days I really have to bite my tongue at the idiotic questions we get asked in the shop.

So for fits and giggles, here’s a list of my Top 5 Idiotic Questions asked in my boutique on a regular basis…

  1. Do you have many people coming to your shop? NOOOOO! I thought I’d just open a business for the purposes of throwing money away, and even though no-one ever comes, I thought I’d just keep throwing money away! Duh!
  2. Do people really buy these things (normally pointing at the vibrators)? NEVER!!! Again, we spend time and money importing the stuff for the hell of it!!! It’s 70% of our turnover, you do the math, idiot!!!
  3. You must get some weirdos coming in hey? Yup, you’re here weirdo!
  4. Do you do the nude photography in the shop? Ya, actually it adds to the ambiance with your naked bum draped on the couch while strangers browse the store! I ask you with tears in my eyes!
  5. What are the rates for your services? This is generally asked my a sleazy man over the phone! Need I say more!!!

They joys of owning a sex shop – LOL

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  1. Genna-wae on January 26, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Bwa hahahahahahahaha! why do people even bother going to the shop when they are ask such dumbass questions?you should have a sign with a quiz on it saying ” you have to be this smart to enter”!