Good on paper vs good on sheets…men…

It was our Fabulous Females Book Club last night, in fact it’s the anti-book club, to make ourselves feel more authentic, we exchange magazines at our club. Last night magazines didn’t even get as far as the magazine exchange, it was all sex talk … LOL. No wonder we considered calling our business The Book Club 😀

There were so many hilarious conversations, I’m hard-pressed to narrow them down, so here are the top 3 mini conversations of the night. Queefing, The Snow Plow and Good on Paper Men vs Good on Sheets Men!

Oh sweet Jesus, did we almost pee our broeks over this one! First of all we had to explain what queefing was to some of the Fabulous Females, because they weren’t all aware of what it meant… HILARIOUS facial reactions ensued, you can imagine… then Funny Girl regaled us with Cosmo’s advise on positions to avoid if you are trying to avoid queefing. I laughed so hard I was doing to ugly laugh – you know the one where your face contorts itself and you don’t give a shite! 😀

The Snow Plow:
The conversation about positions, and an impending engagement in our midst led to “The Snow Plow” conversation, which is apparently a position reserved for married couples. This Funny Girl had to enlighten us all on, and damn, I wish I had a video of this to upload ‘cos the actions were so much funnier than the description … but here goes … The Snow Plow involves the woman presenting herself like a trussed chicken (Yes, Funny Girl’s description) to her husband for a bit of doggy style … when a mutual orgasm is imminent, he pulls your arms out from under you, sending your face into the bed like a snow plow. Oh my hat we laughed! And laughed! And laughed!

Men who are good on paper are never good on the sheets:
Quite a few of us who have been single, have recently seen some action, and of course, all the gory details had to be shared… Naughty Girl was regaling us with all her horrendous dates with men who are “good on paper”. Oh my word, don’t I know what she’s talking about!!! Which led to my epiphany of the evening … why do we expect men who are good on paper to be good on the sheets???? It generally does not happen 😀