The Boutique Bug is sick :(

The joys of car trouble! I have a little Hyundai Atos, branded with the boutiques branding all over 🙂 I love the little bug – even though it’s an 1100, it goes like the blazes, or at least, I drive it like Schumi (only I can manage to get fine after fine in an 1100!), and it goes on the smell of an oil rag. On Friday I took The Bug in for it’s 30 000km service, which is a scheduling nightmare to start! With my schedule, I had to postpone the service 3 times until I could find a day that worked, with lifts and pickups, etc! Since my only option is a Friday with my schedule, it’s taken a month to get The Bug in to the shop for it’s service.

Friday afternoon I pick her up, wiping my brow and thinking thank goodness that’s over for the next year! Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!

I noticed on Friday when I started her that she sounded a little… shall we say… under the weather. But chalked it up to having to settle after her service. I spoke nicely to her, stroked her ego… I mean dashboard… and hoped for the best. Hectically busy weekend ensued during which time The Bug’s under-the-weather episode became a bout-of-flu and by this morning was feeling like bronchitis!!!!!!

Damn, damn, damn – every time I stop at a robot, she stalls, and when she is able to idle without stalling, she sounds like a 90 year old emphysema sufferer with bronchitis!!! You get the idea?

So, as soon as I got in to the shop today, I phoned Hyundai Gateway (where I had taken her for a service Friday) and they told me not to worry, either they got water in the petrol or they got water on a spark plug (why would this happen in the first place!) so I should bring her in and they’d sort her out while I wait. I got sidetracked on a web problem, so Boobalicious thankfully took her off to Hyundai …

Well, now it seems she needs a transplant! And is on the waiting list! They managed to lose some part during the service which they don’t have stock off, so will let me know when it arrives and I can schedule to bring her in for a day! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I can see it’s going to be a frustrating start to the month 🙂 Don’t they know some of us have businesses to run, and lives to lead! Eh!