Can I have a “Do Over” for today please?

Some days, not often, I wish I could go back to bed, wake up and try again 😀 And today is one of them. I’m laughing out loud at myself – so have a good giggle on me …

Monday nights / Tuesday morning’s are pretty hectic for me – I do Personal Training at Virgin Active Gateway at 7am – fine – but before that I have to do all my printing and prep work for my car dealership job which I go straight to after gym… and Tuesdays are my hectic days, I see the most dealerships… and the prepwork can’t be done the night before, because updates run overnight, etc.

So, background done … any intelligent person would make sure they get to bed early on a Monday night and get well rested for the early Tuesday … but no, not me, at 9:30 last night I decided to “quickly” update the Operating System on my BlackBerry Storm 😀 What was I thinking?! So bedtime was 1am roughly. Damn! Then got woken up at 3:30am with my phone notifying me of all my debit orders because I forgot to change the profiles to shut it up while I’m sleeping after the upgrade 😀 Yes, I know, I need a slap up side the head, totally my fault. 6am my alarm goes off and I hit the ground running …

Print all my car dealership stuff, pack my clothes, etc in the gym bag, and head out the door … okay, so I had a hectic start, but I’m good to go I think… NOT!

Fabulously challenging gym session as usual, although, in my haste to get ready, I threw on a t-shirt – not cropped but short in the waist – and old pants that are torn at the bottom! Fuck it I thought! It’s gym, who will see me there? Wouldn’t you know it, my Personal Trainer had me doing everything with my arms in the frikking air so my not-so-tight-belly was on display for the whole gym! Fuck it, I think again – it’s a bunch of strangers!

After this mildly humiliating session I head down to shower and get ready, I pull the clothes I’ve selected out my bag and hang them while I shower, hoping to get the wrinkles out (was too rushed before session to do this) – pants > check, organza top thing > check, shoes > check … then I pull my tank top thing out the bag (you know those strappy-built-in-support tops from Woolies that work perfectly under other see through tops?) > oh shit … the maid had re-arranged my cupboard and what I thought was my size 12 comfy Woolies top, was an XS (Extra Small) (from about 10 years ago!) halter neck skimpy thing in the same colour! Crises!!!!! Oh well, what’s a girl to do … I jump in the shower, put it on ice cold to avoid the sweat factor ‘cos you know I’m definitely not getting an XS top on if there’s even a hint of post shower sheen on me! Thank heavens, I got into the top! Right, panic over, I continue getting dressed … skinny black pants on, zip up, reach down to do up button and … it is hanging by a thread and comes off in my hand!!!!!! Kid you not, now seriously what are the odds! No belt packed, I don’t do belts, so I knew at this point my morning would be very interesting!

I need to point out that Tuesdays in particular I try and avoid any sexy factor as there are some particularly lecherous characters at my Tuesday dealerships who make a point of hitting on me, and not subtly either. Shudder … we’re talking the undressing you with their eyes, licking their lips, sleaze ball deluxe kinda hitting on me. So this morning I’m running around with boobs hanging out of XS top and skinny pants falling off my ass with no button! Boy was I a sight! And boy, did they enjoy it!

Pop into my last dealership to meet with the Dealership Principal (i.e. Head Honcho) about a bunch of things and he turns to me with a smile and asks, “So, did you enjoy your Personal Training this morning?”.

I ask you with tears in my eyes! Can only but laugh! Tomorrow will be a better day! PLEASE!!! Let it at least be less mortifying! LOL