Cold Shower Required!

OH MY WORD! What a dream I had in the early hours of this morning! Hmmm hmm hmm… I certainly woke up with a smile on my face 🙂

So, who and what was I dreaming about? Well, that’s the weird part … the object of my affection in my dream was Hugh Jackman! I’m not a massive Hugh Jackman fan, I mean I like him, but not to the extent of fantasising about him, like say Matthew McConaughey – now THAT man can get my juices flowing big time! So I have no idea where I dragged this particular fantasy from … and I can’t even remember seeing him recently on E!Online website which I frequent once a day to keep abreast (scuze the pun) of the goings on in celebville 😀

What made this particular dream so realistic and great, was this Hugh Jackman character had none of the confidence and nonchalance of a movie star, instead this first encounter of ours was filled with all the angst and awkwardness of sex for the first time with a new partner. It was frikking fantastic!

This dream is a definite repeater! Hugh Jackman lookalikes apply here … NOW! LOL!

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