Damnit! Not Monday again!

Where do the weekends go? And why are they NEVER long enough? You’d think with all the work smarter not harder, we’d learn to extend our weekends to 3 day affairs – but nope!

Had a lovely weekend, and wouldn’t you know it, it was sunny yesterday! On a Sunday! In Durban!!! I know, will wonders never cease!!!!???? I couldn’t drag myself out of the pool, it was just too delicious! So, even though I have bulletproof Mauritian skin, I have to say, I’m a little tender today! 😀 But it was so worth it! To lie in the sun, re-reading Breaking Dawn (my favourite of the Twilight Saga), and dipping in the pool every 10 minutes, is absolute heaven to me!

Bond Girl’s man, Karl, had his birthday braai on Saturday evening, it was so great to catch up with the old crowd 🙂 And it was so great to have some of his mates there for a change. The food as usual was fab, and it seems it’s the year of hookups all round (Dreamer may be right) as all of the usually single crowd had recently hooked up with someone – bizarre!!! 😀 The conversation, as usual, went through the gambit of sexpertise – from overgrown boxes, to vehicle gymnastics, to when we all started masturbating – very enlightening – it would seem guys start later than girls – always knew we were way smarter! 😀 Think a few of Karl’s guy friends who were attending the braai had quite an eye-opener. Probably expecting us to be talking about car pooling and kids, boy did they get a wake-up 😀 I think I am heading dangerously in the direction of Cougar deluxe! The boys I’m eyeing out are getting younger and younger, but hey, I’m 34, sexual prime, think I deserve some young studs after this long hiatus! LOL!

Speaking of hookups, what on earth am I supposed to do with this tiger that’s been unleashed within me now??!!??!! Time to find the next boy me thinks!!! Or get a little more action out of the Gigolo I hooked up with last weekend, although there are so many chicks buzzing around that one, I don’t know if it’s really worth fighting for the attention, I may just move the heck on to the next one 😀