Poker face – NOT!

It was Poker @ The Palace (Dreamer’s Palace that is) last night again, which is normally quite fun, have to say there was a distinctly different feel last night. Not bad, just different 🙂

So I didn’t win, sadly, and yet again – for the 7th month running, Triple A won! I have to say I enjoy playing any form of game, especially one based on skill. But I am a real poker novice, and I don’t like be average at anything at the best of times. And seeing as I’m the only one who has ever beaten Triple A AND the only woman to have won, I think I need to keep up my side… So, I have a cunning plan to barter with Triple A, food for poker lessons – fair trade I believe 😀 LOL! Besides, looks like Triple A and I will have plenty of time on our hands, what with being sidelined as mates during the honeymoon phase Dreamer is in with The Dove 😀 Hoping some balance will settle in there in a few months – but who knows. Of course, we can say nothing, rolling eyeballs LOL. It is what it is 😀

Poker aficionado in the making – I can do this! 😀

Heading out on the town shortly, busy busy weekend ahead, I’m exhausted already 😉