Painfully positive…

I fear I am becoming one of those cringe worthy people that people HATE ‘cos they’re so happy! I have to say, life is good of late. I have a life again to start with. I’m absolutely loving personal training and gym, loving the results even more, feeling pretty gorgeous actually. I’m getting on top of juggling my 2 jobs. Everything is just pretty smooth sailing really.

It must be the Endorphins from the exercise of something – LOL – I’ve heard they can fuck with your head – LOL – Put it this way, if I was any happier, I’d have to put my fishnets on with a top hat and join a chorus line somewhere! Yes, cringe!!!

It’s so great to laugh again… really, really laugh, from your toes, and at the smallest things! Life is good!

I have a fabulous couple of weekends ahead, stacking parties, lots of great friends, it should be too much fun! Frenchy says to me this morning, “You definitely are not the couch potato you were last year!”, ain’t that the truth! Please let me never have to go back to that! If ever there was a deterrent for debt, spending 14 months, having no life, to get out of debt, is it!

The only dark spot on the horizon is my Gran’s cancer, which is still hanging in the air, the surgeon removed her breast, she’s being discharged today but we don’t have lab results back yet which will tell us whether that’s it for now, or whether there is a longer road ahead 🙁 Sending white light!