Life lessons from one of my favourite movies…

Okay, so anyone that knows me, knows I’m a TV / Movie / Series addict 🙂 I confess, I own it, there’s nothing better than a night off with your favourite series or a old favourite movie. Dinner tonight with Dreamer and The Dove had us chatting about movies…

There are movies for different moods, and situations, and it’s amazing how personal it can be, and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to anyone else, for example:

  1. Need cheering up? Lighthearted Comedy required? Gotta be “Nothing to Lose”!
  2. Melancholy? Need a good cry? Hands down, it’s “The Notebook”!
  3. Serious? Looking for drama? “Shawshank Redemption”! Or “A Time To Kill”

You get the idea… the list is about as long and endless as the emotions you have.

Then there are movies that seem to speak to you, and which you find yourself quoting or thinking of often, and again, often what speaks volumes to you, others just don’t get. This movie for me is, “Something’s Gotta Give” – saying I love this movie is really not doing justice to the way I feel about it! I don’t know whether it’s the combination of Jack Nicholson and Dianne Keaton (I mean really – how perfect is that casting!), or perhaps it’s her independence and self reliance that talk to me. Or maybe I live in hope that I’ll find passion like that at whatever age, as they did in this movie. Whatever the reason, there are a few choice quotes I absolutely LOVE from this movie and they follow:

  1. My all time favourite quote appears at the end of this movie, Dianne Keaton is having dinner with Jack Nicholson (the old old flame) and Keanu Reeves (her current lover and toy boy) in Paris, and lights up a cigarette (she’s a non smoker). Keanu says something like, “She’s very brilliant, but the woman can’t handle her liquor!”, to which Dianne Keaton responds, “I like that about me!”, and Jack Nicholson says, “Me too!”. It’s the perfect scene and I just can’t identify more. I like that about me too – LOL! Literally every time I’ve had to much to drink, I simply channel my inner Dianne Keaton, throw my head back and say, “I like that about me!”.
  2. Then the opening scene, has Jack Nicholson narrating, saying, “The sweet uncomplicated satisfaction of the younger woman” and he goes on to detail what makes this so. I have to smile, it is so very true. In a nutshell, it’s a great reminder of what makes being young so appealing, after all, “it’s magic time and can render any man, any where, absolutely helpless”! Never a truer word spoken!
  3. Probably my second best scene in the movie is after Jack and Dianne break up – and she’s absolutely heartbroken. She starts writing the screenplay (which becomes a smash hit) based on their relationship. And as she writes, she balls, howls, weeps, I mean really, you have to watch the movie to appreciate it, I don’t think I have quite the right term for it, but she’s howling along, then she stops and writes, then howls, and so on … it is HYSTERICAL! How many of us haven’t been there out of sheer frustration! And I love that she writes it, for her it’s the screen play, for me it’s the blog. What a wonderful, cathartic outlet for all that anguish. God I love this movie.
  4. Something about it makes me so hopeful. Yes it’s a chick flick rom com. But it just speaks to me. I find myself watching it whenever a new man enters my life, or an old one leaves. And it leaves me feeling sexy somehow. Damn, it’s definitely time to watch it again.

Think less, do more, good night all – I’m watching “Something’s Gotta Give” 🙂