Casual sex rocks!

So proud of myself this Monday morning. I put into practice one of my goals for 2010, which is to think less and do more.

I seem to be living my life in reverse 🙂 Most people get to their 30s and decide they’ve had enough of casual sex, I on the other hand have never been a casual sex kinda girl, so I am trying something new this year.

So, when the opportunity presented itself with someone I find incredibly sexy, I grabbed it with both hands and ran with it. As with most things in life, you never quite know how you’ll react afterwards, and I’m really chuffed that in the light of day, the Monday after, I’m happy. I don’t feel guilty, I don’t feel a burning need to make more out of it than it was, I’m just satisfied. I guess I’m more of a modern woman than I thought. This pleases me. Looking forward to unleashing the tiger within more often this year 🙂