Declarations, confessions & aggravations of a single woman

Dear friends

Please don’t take anything I’m about to say personally, but really the comments and questions I get CONSTANTLY about my “single status” can sometimes drive me batty… so, for those of you that are misinformed, this will educate you, and for those of you who know me well enough, sit back and giggle…

  1. Yes, I REALLY AM single! No, I don’t have 10 guys I’m juggling on the side, and pretending to be single (sadly!)! I have been single about 10 years now (where the hell has the time gone?) if you don’t count the debauched on-again-off-again disaster with Dreamer (which ended YEARS ago – yes, really!), and my gorgeous personal-trainer-friend-with-benefits-who-sadly-lives-in-London. To recap. Single! Really!
  2. Desperate? No. I secretly think that this may be half my problem. I’m a happy single. I love my family (shock) and my friends (horror) and my business (what?). So I’m not really looking for some oke in a white SLK to sweep me off my feet and fix me!
  3. Fussy? Short answer = YES! Longer Answer = Sorry, but you being interested in me is not enough to make me automatically interested in you! “Male” and “single” are not the ONLY requirements! I just want to shag someone I find vaguely appealing! And yes, I do know some! And yes, I have flirted a little here and there, and sometimes it goes somewhere and sometimes it doesn’t! I respect the fact that my interest does not mean he’s interested 😀 In my book, there needs to be mutual interest, a dose of chemistry, and perhaps some alcohol to lubricate things along 😀 So, if that means I’m fussy, then hell yes, I’m fussy and proud of it!
  4. Type? Whatever it is you think I need, you’re probably frikking WRONG! Most people think that because I’m a together, fairly serious chick, that my ideal mate would be an Accountant type! NOT!!!!!!!! It’s very simple really, I like someone who gets me out of my comfort zone, challenges me a bit, and keeps me on my toes, oh, and making me laugh is not a bad thing 🙂 Playa with a soft spot, that’s my type! I’m not looking for a puppy dog, I have two Jack Russells! I want to be intrigued, surprised and I also want to feel like I’m catching something, so don’t jump straight in the boat and flop around, where’s the fun in that kind of fishing? I like a good body (don’t we all) – I guess that’s why I choose professional soccer players and personal trainers for my partners, I am apparently in the minority, I don’t like that sleek, athletic look, give me muscles baby, that’s my thing 🙂 A brain of some sort would be nice, you don’t have to be Einstein, but have the ability to hold your own with my friends and family and I’ll be a happy camper.
  5. The big question everyone always asks: Why am I still single? Hell, if I knew the answer conclusively, I guess I would change it hey, but here are some factors I think contribute. I DON’T FRIKKING MEET VERY MANY SINGLE MEN! I own a women only boutique, the men that come in are one half of a couple on our “Couples Days”! I have another business running on the side, so there’s not a lot of spare time! When I get out, you really have to get my attention ‘cos as said before, I’m not desperate or on the hunt, I’m generally having a blast with whichever mates I’m out with, so ya, problem. The last thing I think is a problem is that people think I’m looking for something serious because I’m not a tart! That is simply not the case, where I am in my life right now, what I really need is a friend with benefits (on this continent!).

There! I have said my piece, now hopefully all you misinformed people are a little more informed 🙂 Use it or lose it 🙂 And don’t project your issues on me please, I have enough of my own.


  1. imsmith on January 8, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    It seems as if you are meeting people who are action-packed with their own issues…

    But seriously, there are some very shallow folks in DC…the good ones are hard to find, but that makes them worth keeping.

  2. Chanteuse on January 8, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Absolutely! 🙂

  3. Karen Pape on January 9, 2010 at 6:14 am

    Amen to that, sister. I am also single right now and totally seduced by the freedom. It annoys people who are conforming. They drill me. They suggest dull boys. And it riles me. It's like : you know what, I am going to find someone interesting like me, and we'll be wild and happy and maybe we will stay together for as long as it's good, and maybe we won't. Sorry about that.

    Remember we can do exactly as we please with our lives which is a huge blessing many people never taste. Just breathe it in. And, in the context of so many divorces in my circle I thank my little lucky stars often for my life.

    “Time is the coin of your life, don't let anyone spend it for you”.

    Enjoy your adventure, you Goddess. The possibilities, remain, endless.

    See you at the shop.

    Karen. XXXX