Flirting tips ala Triple A!

Monday morning, after a really busy weekend of jolling! YAWN!

Well, this weekend was interesting! It started on an awful note, but ended on quite a good note 🙂

Introducing Triple A. Who’s Triple A? Dreamer’s wing man. I have a lot of time for Triple A, like Dreamer, I thing that deep down in that twisted, dark soul, there’s a glimmer of something good, even though they both do a good job of hiding the good most of the time! Triple A is aggressive, angry and an asshole most of the time, hence Triple A.

Friday night, I went out with one of my book club mates, and it was one of those nights at Billy’s where a lot of people I know were out, which was lekker. Triple A and co. rocked up at Billy’s later.

Unfortunately, earlier in the day, Dreamer and Triple A, over various intoxicating substances, decided to take up the cause, which is my single status! This turned out to be not so much fun for me! Triple A launched into his dating tips tirade, and criticised EVERYTHING about me! ARGH! Just what I needed, to feel self-conscious and socially inept! Ya, that’s going to help my single status! NOT! For the socially inept, like myself, these are Triple A’s Flirting Rules:

  1. Show the oke you are interested! 100%! How? By rubbing your crotch up against his leg! Yes, forget about flirtatious chit chat and longing glances chicks, you have it all wrong! What men actually expect you to do is not be coquettish, but to be crotchety 🙂 Walk right up to them, plant yourself between their legs or against a thigh and rub yourself up against them and apparently that will do it!
  2. Pout! Slick that lip gloss on and look like a 5 year old who just got told no!
  3. Kiss them! Forget about waiting for them to make the move, plant one on them instead!

While some of what Triple A says makes sense, I think I will be watering his suggestions down a little 😀

If I have to dry hump guys to show them I’m attracted to them, it’s going to be a long dry spell yet I’m afraid 😀 LOL!