Finding joy in the small stuff…

I find myself getting excited by the simplest things these days. Trying to focus on the half of the glass that needs filling. I have to smile at how small some of these things are, but I guess that’s what gratitude is all about.

Things that excite me these days:

  1. Getting a good nights sleep (this was something I used to take for granted but sadly doesn’t happen much anymore – blaaaaddddy insomnia!)
  2. Every minuscule gram , cm, or % body fat lost (the transformation of my body is really getting me excited these days!)
  3. Spending time with my family (another thing I took for granted before but is happening less and less with my crazy schedule!)
  4. Time off
  5. Possibilities (I’m opening myself to all sorts of new experiences this year, the sense of possibilities is intoxicating)
  6. Fresh Egyptian Cotton linen and down pillows and duvet.
  7. Kauai Cappuccino Boost
  8. Being able to actually do Bridge Walks, Push Ups, Lunges, Squats, etc.
  9. Laughing from my belly at myself
  10. Flirting