January is a VERY long month!

I’m so poor! Boo hoo!

Good thing my Personal Trainer is paid for and I have food in the house! 🙂 Won’t starve, and will exercise my butt off 🙂 That’s the rest of January plan! Bliksem but pay day seems a VERY long way away 😀

Talking of Personal Training, I have one word today … EINA!

Driving is like torture right now, really pushed myself yesterday and feeling it today! Changing gears and steering my tiny car is suddenly very, very challenging … but glorious as well … loving the changes. Actually can’t wait for like 6 months from now, by which stage I should hopefully have reached some of my health goals.

Been really productive this week, but not sleeping at all again 🙁 Could this be the return of the dreaded hyperthyroid highway? Please no! Maybe I’ll be able to sleep tonight, living in hope.

Today’s musings:

Does it matter a person’s history before they start dating you? And why are some people determined to rail road all the good things in their lives? Things to be answered in future blog posts me thinks 🙂