A day in the life of a Jack Russell owner…

One thing I can say with authority, and I have no doubt that all Jack Russell owners will agree, is if you have a Jack Russell, there will never a dull day be!

I love my dogs, Pork Chop and Jessie! But sometimes, like naughty children, they go through these phases and I could just throttle them!

We’re going through one of those phases right now!

Sit back and have a good giggle:

  1. Pork Chop and his digging fetish: My angel, Pork Chop, who is the most relaxed, laid back, lovable, non-crazy Jackie you’ll ever come across – seriously, this is the dog you can let your toddler prod and poke and pick up by his back leg, etc. He’s so sweet. He’s never been a digger… until recently!!!! Now he has decided, ‘tis the season to dig to China!!! The holes all over my garden I can live with, it’s just grass after all, but he seems to be intent on showing me his handy work once he’s dug this donga! So he comes bounding into the house, covered from head to paw in wet mud (naturally because of all the rain we’re having in Durbs) and either jumps onto my Egyptian Cotton bed linen or onto my couches! ARGH!
  2. Trying to teach a Jack Russell not to dig: So, there are consequences to the above drama in my household… naturally, he gets thrown outside, along with Jessie, and the door closed in their faces! Wooohaaa – my lap dogs do not like this! First they bang at the door… nothing… then they try whining a bit… nothing… then they climb onto my outside bench and sometimes even the table and peer at me through the lounge window… I closed the curtains! Bloody shits!
  3. Jessie and her Feather Tickler fetish: So, from time to time, simply because I run out of time at the shop, I bring home gift bags or boxes to photograph and send to magazines, etc. In the past, I left a gift bag (with a feather tickler protruding out) in my hand bag on my bed. Madame Jessie went into my hand bag, pulled out the feather tickler and shot under the bed for a good old chew! This morning (fortunately after photographing our Valentine’s Gift Box) madame pulled the paint brush (for body paint) out of the box and dashed under the bed! Little bitch!

Clearly, my naughty dogs are feeling a little neglected with all the working, gyming, etc. I get it, even when I’m home, my nose is buried in my notebook on my lap on the couch, this is “quiet time” these days!

Which brings me to the last story… Jessie’s jealousy knows no bounds, she insists on draping herself across my chest, between my face and my notebook when I’m trying to work on the couch! Eh!

The joys of owning Jack Russells!

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  1. bondgirlsworld on December 4, 2009 at 7:30 am

    PC sounds like Jury now!