So glad I like me…

What a crazy weekend!

Friday started with Bokkies Christmas Party, we had a lovely dinner at Marco’s Restaurant in the private courtyard, the food was spectacular (as always), the service was appalling!!! Our waitress was one of the worst I had ever experienced, we waited for our drinks for ever! At one stage they ran out of a particular champagne, and she took it upon herself (without checking) to just give us another on (at 3 times the price!). At the end of the evening, she charged us for 5 meals too many! And argued about it when we were trying to resolve it! The service was truly disappointing! Anyway, we then headed over to Origin in a white stretch Limo and were there until after 5am! The evening flew by in a haze of drama (fellow Bokkies boys should be out of bounds, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that one!), dancing and drinking 🙂 When we left after sunrise, I hit the sack hard!

These are the things I am thankful for after Bokkies Christmas this year:

  • My new dark bedroom curtains which let me sleep Saturday away!
  • My short funky cool hair!
  • That I don’t have to pop any pills or snort anything up my nose to jol the night away!
  • Steers chips the morning after!
  • Keeping out of the drama and having a fine time!

When I eventually surfaced Saturday afternoon, it was to shoot off to Bond Girl’s Birthday Braai. I was definitely not on top form after Friday, but it was great to catch up with everyone nonetheless.

These are the things I am thankful for after the braai:

  • Good old (as in years shared, not age) 🙂 friends
  • Great food
  • Catching up with Bond Girl
  • That my car was still outside afterwards 😀 (Karl wasn’t so lucky a while back)
  • Woolies Cranberry Juice – LIFE SAVER!
  • That I wasn’t the only one that thought a 6 year old sucking a dummy was a bit frikking weird!
  • That I am not OCD!

My quiet Sunday at home with my mom and bro, turned into a fabulous braai, the weather was phenomenal, so we ended up with a lovely crowd swimming and enjoying an impromptu braai. When everyone left, I fell into such a dead afternoon sleep that I was totally disorientated after that 😀 We had all had a hectic weekend and were paying the price!

So glad I’m me! So glad I like me! Too many people out there don’t like who they are!