My proudly NO list…

I attended a recent Business Woman’s function, where a very inspiring woman spoke. Something that really stuck with me is her suggestion that you make 3 lists every year… a Start, Stop and a Continue list. Sage advice to be sure and something I am implementing in my life. But something she said struck me and it is truly something I am practicing now. She said, you should also not hesitate to have a “Proudly NO” list.

What’s a Proudly NO list?

Well, if like me, you are a serial do-er, fixer, and giver, you will find yourself waking up from time to time and thinking hang on a second, what do I get out of this relationship with So-And-So? Am I enriched by it? Inspired by it? Or am I always the one doing all the giving? And for what? If you have people like that in your life, it’s important to put them on the “Proudly NO” list. Own that little word, “No”! And learn to do it! You won’t die! Best case scenario, maybe they catch a wake up and realise that they need to reciprocate sometimes. Worst case scenario, you save yourself time and effort by cutting them out of your life!

Easier said than done, but a valuable lesson indeed!

Really hoping to get better at proudly saying, “No”, to certain people in my life.