Winston the Pigeon Flockie, I mean Groupie …

Okay, it’s official, I received my Pigeon Race 2009 t-shirt from Winston the Pigeon himself yesterday, be still my beating heart 😀 I’ve never been a groupie before, how fun, perhaps I should get another tattoo somewhere?!

I have blogged about the Winston phenomenon before here, so for the history, have a read …

Where is Winston now? Well blow me down, he’s got 2 mentions on Wikipedia, under “Homing Pigeon” and “IP Over Avian Carriers”! If you Google him, you find 98,600 results! He’s been on every news website from BBC World, to Silicon Valley IT Companies! He has 8,405 Fans on Facebook and 418 Followers on Twitter. He’s had offers from British Telekom and various other Service Providers to race them! And the story goes on and on and on. Beautiful!!!!!!!!

A couple of quite amusing sidelines that have had me giggling:

  1. The Unlimited World is suddenly an IT company 😀 HA HA HA! I suppose it’s a compliment really, the world’s news agencies have just decided that The Unlimited must be an IT company – I think I know why – this is exactly the kind of “off the wall”, “out the box”, crazy marketing stunt you would expect from an IT company and it has to do with ADSL lines, so you would think an IT company would have done something like this. I know one thing, IT companies all over SA are kicking themselves that they didn’t do this! And Marketing Managers all over are being hauled over the coals in IT companies for the same reason! Giggle! You go Mark Smith!
  2. Winston’s Facebook Page has comments from all over the world, in foreign languages to boot! I actually can’t remember when last a little story from Durban went global like this and elicited such a response! Has it ever happened before? We’ve had 2 airplanes crash into homes and schools in Durban in the last few years and they didn’t go global! But a tiny feathered creature has captured the world’s imagination! Unfrikking – believable!

A little birdy told me that Winston will be joining the rest of The Unlimited’s team in the Amashova Cycle Race on 17 & 18 October, so now that I have my t-shirt, I reckon I may have to go and cheer him on from the sidelines, I mean isn’t that what every self respecting Flockie should be doing? 🙂


  1. Mark on September 30, 2009 at 7:15 am

    Ah, thank you so much madame… brilliant post, hopefully i can survive, not used to riding bicycles, much prefer winging it.

  2. Chanteuse on September 30, 2009 at 7:28 am

    But think of what a feather it will be in your cap 😀

  3. Winston Pigeon on September 30, 2009 at 9:52 am

    but i don't wear a cap, I wear a helmet.