If there is ‘Gaydar’, does ‘Datedar’ exist?

Had Dreamer over for dinner last night and got onto the topic of dating, a veritable minefield of contrasting info and dubious advise…

Realised a long time ago that I simply have no 'Datedar'! By Datedar I mean the ability to pick up flirtation and recognise that a guy wants to ask you out on a date! No wonder then that I am single!

Point in case – a friend attempted to casually set me up a couple of Fridays ago! I dimwittedly and half-heartedly told this guy about the boutique and gave him a brochure, even after said friend introduced guy as follows: Madame, this is Guy, he's single, tell him about the boutique!

To someone with Datedar the 'he's single' should have been a subtle clue! And the fact that friend asked me to talk to a single guy about my women-only boutique, should have had bells peeling in my head! Alas, I idiotically pitched the boutique and handed over a brochure and then walked away! Look, the guy did nothing for me, I found him old, boring and shy, everything I don't appreciate in a guy, so that could explain the ignorance – or at least excuse it! I hope!

No sooner had I walked away from Guy that I forgot him, memorable as he was – NOT! And that was the end of Guy – NOT! The very next morning I get a long email from Guy at the Boutique (email address from brochure no doubt) saying how great it was to meet me, bla bla, abridged CV, bla bla, and asking my permission to visit me at the boutique and whether I'd mind going out to dinner with him! Rolling eyes!

What has happened to men? Why are they so skittish and scared? Why do they do this begging, desperation act? Like really! It is so unattractive!

I'm a woman, and I want a man! Be confident, take control, be a little forceful even! Be the cave man for heavens sake! I have 3 businesses on the go and spend my whole day making decisions, I don't want to be the one in control of my dating life too! Sometimes I'd like to just be the chick! Eh!