A magical twist???

It’s Billy’s 13th Birthday Bash tomorrow night … they normally rock … it’s a black tie affair with the theme “a magical twist” …

Dragging Frenchy along with me and we’re joining some friends there for what is sure to be a fabulous party! Oh Lord, really not looking forward to Monday! Nightmare!

So, went and did some retail therapy this morning and decided to keep it simple, I’m wearing a simple, long black dress, with sexy black heels and have bought myself a basic wand and a bunch of glam stuff to glam it up further, and I got some stunning body jewellery (the stick on diamante stuff) to do something on my cheek… I also made sure I bought some eye lash glue to stick my gorgeous falsies in with! A nice trick I learned after my nude photography 🙂

Sitting at the shop now, got a party after the store closes, then off home to paint my toe nails purple 😀 Hee hee 😀

Funniest thing is I go to the party shop this morning and see all these familiar Billy’s faces in a party shop … so I’m thinking hold on, there’s something wrong with this picture, why are there hot guys in a party shop that’s normally only filled with harassed mommies and screaming kiddies … then I realised … they were there for Billy’s Magical Twist too!!!

Man this is going to be SO much fun, can’t wait!!!