Hot yoga and pizza! What a combo!

Hot yoga is fantastic! But holy moly do you sweat! For those that don’t know what Hot Yoga is, you basically do a power yoga class in a fully heated room! Not heated as in 25 deg C, no people, 40 deg C!!!! So, you good and proper sweat! It is distinctly unattractive, but thankfully everyone is totally focused on their own attempts at contorting into a pretzel, and could care less that you are melting, falling over and about to hurl!

Okay, so I learned something interesting, well, we all know about the mind body connection and all that good stuff, but never having tried yoga before, I didn’t know that you find certain moves more difficult if you have “issues” with certain areas of your mind – well I discovered this rather rapidly during my Saturday morning yoga session – I throw myself into the next position, which is one of the easiest in the whole session and promptly want to hurl my guts out, like seriously, I had to battle to keep myself from projectile vomiting across the room! The instructor, in her cool, calm and collected monotone says, “If you feel dizzy or nauseous during this pose, you may have trust issues”! Ya think?! Interesting!

Anyway, long story short, I LOVED IT! Will definitely make this a weekly thing, wish I could squeeze 2 in, but it’s all the way in Ballito and like a good 30 minute drive, which for a Durbanite might as well be on the moon! Maybe I’ll get my head around 2 visits eventually, but for now, one on the weekend is good. Also, I may die if I do more than 1 a week! I have hardly been able to move since! I have muscle pain in places I didn’t know I had muscle! Like between my shoulder blades! And my fingers and toes! Eish! But it’s great to get active and sweating again 🙂 Ordered a Power Yoga book from so I can try do the at home thing during the week, I have no doubt Jessie will be on my head and PC hugging my leg most concerned so this pic today is PERFECT!

Of course, all the good intentions I had for my body was undone when Frenchy and her sister tempted me with pizza and a DVD on Saturday night! The pizza was amazing! From Eden on Essenwood, so it had the thinnest, crispiest base and mine had crispy bacon, feta and garlic on – hello – heaven on earth! The DVD was SHIT! Do not be tempted to watch the Love Guru! I love Mike Myers’ crazy characters and his movies in general, but the three of us watched the Love Guru almost in silence, it was so STOOPID!!!! Oh well, you live and learn.

Also, successfully completed half of my shopping expedition for this weekend’s party, just got to find the shoes and get some fishnet stockings (ooh la la!) and I’m pretty much there, more about this when the outfit is complete and ready to face the world 😀


  1. sfauthor on March 17, 2009 at 1:35 am

    Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

  2. Being Brazen on March 17, 2009 at 8:27 am

    I want to try hot yoga