Of plumbers and leaky toilets…

There’s a saying that plumbers always have leaky toilets at home. The meaning being that they spend all day fixing leaky toilets so they couldn’t be bothered at home … Well, I have a Sex Shop! And I’m single! Do the math people!

I spent the whole night last night dreaming vivid, erotic – like seriously! – hot dreams! Yeah baby! Now I dream a lot! I’m one of those people that remembers my weird dreams as well, in the past I have dreamt I was Maya The Bee and a giant spider was standing over me. I have a vivid, weird and wonderfully active dream life… but currently a sadly inactive sex life!

Occasionally, when I dream something particularly weird, I’ll google a dream dictionary for the topic I was dreaming of. If any of you have ever looked up any dream meanings you will have noticed they never mean what they are … for example, if you dream you have lost a tooth it supposedly means you are afraid of embarrassment or concerned about your appearance. Dreaming of doors means unknown possibilities, bla bla bla. You get the idea. Of course anything in your dream of that is vaguely phallic – from chimneys to cigars – is supposedly about the penis, and of course dreaming of hills and valleys is breasts and vaginas. Since most dream interpretation is Freudian, everything seems to have an underlying sexual connotation….

So this morning, I google dreaming about sex, thinking it clearly means something else but what could it possibly mean, expecting some epiphany about some underlying issue I have, umm, not! Apparently dreaming of sex means you’re either getting it or you need to get it desperately! Duh! HAHAHA!

Yes, okay subconscious, as if I wasn’t aware enough as it is that I am not getting it right now! 😀

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  1. Anonymous on March 17, 2009 at 11:04 am

    I can honestly say that my plumber husband doesn’t allow leaking toilets at home… Whew!!!!