The things that get me really excited…

Well, it doesn’t take much at all, let me tell you, my fiance, from way back when, called me a simple needs kinda gal and he listed them as follows … sex, food, air … yes, that was the list, in that order! Glory, well thankfully fiance is history, and my tastes have become somewhat more sophisticated, although, I still battle, in typical Cancerian style, to express my emotion … in fact Dreamer (who knows me pretty well) once said he’d love to be around one day when I find out I’ve won the biggest lottery ever so he can see if I actually look excited! Okay Dreamer, a bit harsh, but we get the point 🙂

So, it’s Friday, and I have a WHOLE weekend off, which does not happen these days! And even better, I still have money in my wallet (shock!), and better still, I have a NEED and an EXCUSE to go shopping! The Chicago 1930’s Murder Mystery themed half weekend is next weekend, so there are dresses and shoes and accessories to shop for, guilt free – in my mind at any rate – giggle.

So, these are the things that are really exciting me today:

  1. It is a glorious sunny day and DSTV says it will be ALL weekend long!!! I have to get in character for next weekend, I’m thinking big floppy hat, long languid legs on my sun lounger by the pool, and a margherita for good measure! Yes yes yes yes yes … this IS exciting! Saturday morning TICK!
  2. Shopping Spree! Two words say it quite well enough! Will definitely post pics of my finds this weekend …. Saturday afternoon TICK!
  3. Hot Vinyasa Yoga on Sunday morning – really looking forward to trying this out! If doing Yoga in a heated room for an hour doesn’t kick start my exercise regime, nothing will! Note to self, go buy yoga pants that can contort in without showing half my large ass! Sunday morning TICK!
  4. Family time Sunday – we haven’t had a family day in a few weeks and I’m missing the buggers! Good food, good laughs, good times … Sunday afternoon TICK!

Which leaves Saturday night suspiciously free for once, hmmm, bugger it, will slather shit on my face, paint my nails, watch Love Actually and have a chick party for one! Saturday night TICK!

Woohoo! Toooooo excited! Note to self, fiance was right, doesn’t take much! Also noted, glanced over to mirror, am smiling, but not jumping up and down whooping for joy! Damnit Dreamer is right! Got to work on expressing excitement! Think Casanova might disagree, but ‘spose bedroom tactics not count in this regard – hahahahaha!

Have a blaaaaady good weekend mense 🙂

PS – Had Spur dinner with Bond Girl last night – diet went out the window – but oh so satisfying! Clearly Bond Girl and I not getting action in the Tits and Bits arena right now, ‘cos Spur dinner was exciting! 😀 Note to self – find man worth shagging on regular basis, on this continent!

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  1. Bond Girl on March 13, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Have anice relaxing weekend and enjoy the shopping! Not sure we going to find anyone in the Spur so best we go somewhere else LOL