Sold my business : What’s Next?

Sold my business - What's next?
Sold my business - What's next?

Sold my business – What’s next?

After six and a half years of living, eating, sleeping and breathing my business, The Bedroom … my business partner and I took the hard decision to move onto different things and to sell our baby on to someone fresher and more passionate than we were who will hopefully take it to even greater heights.  So now that I’ve sold my business, what is next?

Of course, everyone is itching to know what I’ll tackle next … well so I am!

I’ve given myself the luxury of some time off to catch up on all those little things that you just never get to when your business and everyone associated with it is getting all of you … leaving nothing for yourself.  But this makes answering the “What are you doing next?” question quite difficult!  I can’t really tell you if I’m not sure myself!  What an unbelievably liberating position to be in!  I’m sure I’ll feel differently a month from now … but as of today I’m loving that I actually had the time to write this blog post today for no-one but me!  I’m loving that my mind was peaceful and stress-free!

I’m planning to spend the next month doing everything that makes me happy – going to the gym, cooking and eating delicious healthy food, spending lots of time with my gorgeous life-changing man and my amazing doggies, catching up with friends, learning how to use my fancy new camera properly and getting all those pesky not-so-fun chores done as well.

2013 was an unbelievable year for me – the best and worst of times – I lost my mom and my canine child of 14 years – thankfully this was balanced by beginning a relationship with my “Bearded one”.  Insane loss balanced by incredible emotion – the universe is an amazing thing!  I have a feeling 2014 is going to be one of my best ever!

Looking forward to discovering what my next venture will be 🙂