Wonderful moments in desperate days!

Sometimes a story just has to be written and shared. The story of today is one of those for me. Forgive me if this is long and rambling, it’s not a short story and it needs some background. But I hope if you read to the end, it may leave you feeling grateful, and maybe a little inspired by the things that cross your path in the strangest times.

Those who know me know how close my family is, we treasure Sunday lunches and if any of us has had a shit time, we get together, cook and eat … It’s our medicine and food is our currency. It’s been a particularly tough week for us as last Wednesday my mom had an ultrasound after struggling with niggling back pain, and on Thursday morning our family GP revealed the results to us gently and wonderfully whilst still preparing us for the probability that my treasured mom likely has cancer. And likely quite serious cancer as there were lesions on her liver and a mass on her pancreas.

This before the Easter weekend, and no surgeons around to do anything about the suspicion. We all went home with sleeping tablets and Stressam and were prescribed a no-holds-barred Easter weekend by our GP! She said to my mom, eat and drink what you want, do what you want, enjoy your family.

First thing Tuesday morning after the long weekend, my mom was checked in to hospital to start the longest four days of all our lives, going through a CT, a laparoscopic biopsy and the ensuing wait to hear the results … All while swinging back and forward between acceptance, despair, hope, denial … You get the idea!

So this morning, after this hellishly long and stressful week, the surgeon broke the news to my mom that she does in fact have Pancreatic Cancer which has spread to her liver and it is inoperable!

My brother and I raced straight to the hospital and never left my moms side while we waited to see if we could see an oncologist … Being Friday afternoon that wasn’t going to happen, so my mom was discharged and we all went home.

Most people who know my mom, know her as the most shy and selfless woman they likely have ever met. There are few things my mom is vocal about loving … Besides us, and the rest of our family probably the only thing my mom loves is cats. We lost our childhood cat several years ago to cancer and it devastated my mom and since then she hasn’t had a cat … But she LOVES them and they love her always finding her when she visits someone who has a cat.

So we get home today after this hectic news and within half an hour my brother hears this mewing somewhere outside … He runs out and looks over the neighbors wall where the noise is coming from and sees their large dog roughly “playing” I.e. practically killing a tiny stray kitten! He jumps over the wall and rescues the kitten and we spent a good couple of hours as a family, washing, and calming down this wild and tiny kitten. We quickly realized that the poor thing was covered in fleas and after trying unsuccessfully to de-flea it ourselves, we sent my brother off to the vet to find a product to help. Of course, suddenly the focus in the household is this little kitten and not the awful cancer. And all of us are thinking … Oh my word … What are the odds of a kitten walking into my mom’s life on this particular day!!!

The vet on hearing the story my brother shared of my mom getting out of hospital and this kitten suddenly there, gave him a kitten pack of food and odds and sods for free!!! They were so moved by the story!

The minute we de-flead this little thing and put it down it literally went and crawled into my moms neck, and started nuzzling her and licking her! Then it would take a step back and just stare into my mother’s eyes.

Eventually my mom said, “I think the kitten knows I’m sore!”

So this little kitten will be named, and will be loved … But wow, what a universe we live in that somehow this little soul came into my mom’s life today of all days!

Unbelievable! Moving! Special! A little wonderful moment in a really quite dreadful day.

I wish you a wonderful weekend with your nearest and dearest and ask that you simply send a little white light, prayer, or whatever you believe in my moms direction sometime.

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  1. Eva on April 5, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Im sending you my heartfelt condolences on your mothers diagnose, Im sorry you going through this pain!! Absolutely Beautiful story – God will always work wonders! So much love to you, your mother and family! xox God bless and Take Care!