Yup, this is a real fear, just ask Google 😉

I’ve often blogged about this topic in the past, and my seeming inability to detect when someone is flirting with me. It seems that people also often misread my intentions or interest levels, not sure if this is my fault or theirs, but either way I hate with a passion the way it forces me into confrontation which I try to avoid like the plague!

I really think everyone should watch or read He’s Just Not That Into You regularly and stop deluding themselves. Imagine the time and angst you could save if you didn’t invest all this effort into something that’s a lost cause!

I think guys especially are very guilty of this … Misreading disinterest from a woman as a sign that she wants to be “wooed” which connects with their “hunter” tendencies and throws them into “sensitive man must win woman” mode. Nothing makes me run further faster than a soppy guy trying to woo me! Be a man, man!

I know … I’m fussy … I’m not shy to admit it … But if I’m into you, I’m hell easy to read and please 😉

Can’t wait for Duffy to come to Durbs to celebrate her birthday! She will save me from myself when out at least 😉