I’m just not that into you!

Sometimes I look at people in relationships and wonder why they’re in them, they really don’t seem that into each other, either physically or as people in general! I guess there are other needs and fears at play … Like the NEED for a wedding, the NEED for a marriage, the NEED to procreate, the FEAR of being alone, the FEAR of the biological clock ticking, etc. For whatever reason, I find I’m not plagued by these needs and fears … Or perhaps more accurately, I have different needs and fears which lead to me making different life choices.

I’m not afraid of being alone, and I’m seldom lonely with my own company, so I guess that explains why I’ve been single as long as I have. I’m not desperate for another half … I’m a pretty full whole myself I guess 🙂 If I choose to get involved with someone, it’s because we’re compatible on every level, and we add something to each other’s lives, and we’re thoroughly into each other … Physically, emotionally and mentally.

With the above in mind, I have to vent… I am so offended by people who keep encouraging me to give someone a chance because THEY are into ME! The fact that I am clearly not into them doesn’t seem to factor into the equation! I wonder, is it because I’m a woman? If I was a man, would they still encourage me to give some clingy woman who I’m not into a chance simply because she’s into me? What happened to MUTUAL attraction, love, respect, etc. Why do my feelings count less than the clingy oke’s?

Don’t get me wrong … I’m not anti-relationship, anti-marriage, etc. I’m just anti settling for something for the wrong reasons, or because some clock is ticking and I have to, or simply because they are into me, one way attraction simply isn’t enough!

And trust me when I tell you, if I’m into you, I’ll so go there! Perhaps it’s time to accept I’m just NOT that into you!