Still a fat girl inside…

I went shopping today … something which I generally avoid doing because it’s normally an excruciating experience for me where I take an armful of things I think is my size and head to the fitting room to be horrified that none of it fits and some of it only gets as far as mid thigh if I’m really lucky!

I’ve lost some weight recently – I know this in my head – and of course it’s gotten to the stage where people have noticed and are commenting – which is cool … but I’m wondering at what point I’ll stop being a fat girl in my head?

Most of my jeans are fitting like track pants at the moment, I guess when you can pull your jeans off without unbuttoning or unzipping … it’s official … they’re too big!  Get rid of them!

So today, I went off to do some retail therapy, grabbed an armful of things again in what I thought was my size and headed to the fitting room … but this time round they were too big … I had to go get 2 sizes smaller!  Of course, I couldn’t be thinner, my disbelieving head told me it was Truworths vanity sizing everything … off I went to Woolies and then Edgars and blow me down if it wasn’t the same experience at them!

Well done me!

Dilemma!  How does one choose what to buy?  In the past it was what fit – there wasn’t that much selection!  Now everything fits and most of it looks good!  Crises!  I’m going to be bankrupt!  But at least I’ll be thinner and bankrupt 🙂

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