Festive Season Lessons

Here are the things I learned over this festive season:

  1. Never drink a cocktail on an empty stomach, no matter how delicious.
  2. Never follow said cocktail with shots of tequila, no matter how delicious.
  3. When you are doing tequila with shots of lemon juice in between (because there’s no sliced lemon) you should realise it’s all downhill from there!
  4. It’s possible not to gain weight and even to lose weight over the festive season! Who knew!
  5. Young, outwardly hot 23 year old boys can really turn themselves ugly when the wrong words come out their mouth.
  6. Young, outwardly hot 23 year old boys who grovel and try get back in your good books are even less attractive, even when plying you with endless compliments about how gorgeous you are – rolling eyeballs!
  7. Good friends can become great friends – gotta love getting closer to a good friend.
  8. There is such a thing as too much good food and drink – detox required!
  9. Duffy sure knows how to pick them – think we’ve all fallen a bit in love with her new man – especially my ex-dogs who abandoned me totally while he was around in favour of him!  What happened to dog’s loyalty? LOL
  10. Chilling in a warm pool on a hot day makes me happy.
  11. Surrounding myself with a house full of laughter, friends and family makes me happy.
  12. Quiet nights home alone watching chick flicks make me happy.
  13. Doing things that make me happy don’t cure the constant throbbing horniness that is being off the pill!
Happy new year all!