It’s nearly Christmas … thank fuck!

It feels like this season has been totally manic for me this year, although if I look back a year I was recovering from my gall bladder removal and about 12 kgs heavier!  So I guess even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, this year is a massive improvement on last 🙂

It’s the 22nd and I have yet to wrap my presents!  Everything is rush, rush, rush!  And I’m chained to the shop with both Sun Goddess and Boobalicious away on holiday 🙁  I think I’ve hit the wall actually of being without my business partner to talk to … it’s been 3 months … it’s official … wall … face … connecting!  Counting the days now until she arrives back, poor woman will have bleeding ears after a couple of days of catching up 🙂  I really wish I had more friends who were business owners to talk to – and vent with 🙂

Duffy is back tonight from Jhb, on holiday with her folks, so REALLY looking forward to that after 2 weekends of her not hitting Durbs!  🙂  She may also have bleeding ears after a long catch up 🙂

Next week I get a little time off, with the Public Holidays and the help of some part-time staff I might be able to enjoy an afternoon here or there and feel like I at least have a life! 🙂

I really need to get to the gym!!!  I’ve maintained my weight loss and am continuing to loose slowly …. but that last 5kgs is a killer to move … it definitely needs a more concerted gym effort in the new year!

I’m also loathe to spend money on new jeans and new bras until those lost few kgs are gone … so am resorting to some rather inventive ways to prolong my bra use … I was a 36DD … about a month ago I went and bought a 34DD which is now also too big around the back (fortunately I keep my boobage pretty well) so I’m now twisting the bra in the middle to try make it smaller round the back – pathetic right!  I really really need to get myself some decent bras that fit in the new year!  36DD to 32DD – nice improvement me thinks … when it’s good to trade down! LOL.

Almost home time, time to wrap prezzies on front of the telly, tomorrow I will feel much better having done that at least 🙂