I hate blogging when I’m happy.  Who wants to hear it right?!?!  I think people swallow (or maybe wallow) in sarcasm and bitching and unhappiness easier than they do happiness.  I really don’t have anything to bitch about recently … I mean sure a few trivial things … but nothing REALLY important.

Life is good!  I’m lighter physically, lighter emotionally, and certainly lighter socially.

Still getting used to this being hit on thing though – anyone that knows me knows how blind I am to anyone flirting with me … I’ve had a number of friends try and educate me in this regard to no avail … I can see all these other relationships unfolding in front of me but am totally doff about flirtation with me … I really don’t know why!  So you can imagine my surprise when saying goodbye to a couple of current and ex Springbok rugby players on Friday night (scratch that), Saturday morning, after a fun evening out, when one hung back and propositioned me.  WTF?!  I really honestly feel invisible most times, so I guess that’s why it always surprises me when someone blatantly comes out and says, “I think you need to come home with me so I can…”, blink … mouth fall open … say what???  Me????!!!!

For the “Boudoir Madame” of Durban, I’m frikking doff really!  LOL!

What fun life is, what stories, what laughs …

See told you – boring happy blog … will sign off til I’m fat and miserable again, have a good week LOL