Laughing out loud and often!

I’m in a really light phase right now, there seems to be laughter all around me, so it’s not hard to laugh out loud and regular like!  Sometimes people say things to you that stick, and when you examine why, it can tell you a lot about yourself.  Duffy once said to me, she loves that I laugh so raucously at every joke because it makes the joke teller feel amazingly funny and great about themselves.  I love that about me!

I was thinking the other day that I was not always such a raucous laughing woman … in fact, in my 20s I was seriously serious at trying to be serious, in my corporate wear in a man’s world … and back then Dreamer said about me that he’d love to see me win the lotto because I was so NOT demonstrative.  I guess that was where I was at at that stage.  Not really a happy place truth be told.
So, I guess owning a sex shop, and dealing with the hilarity that that entails was really meant for me.  I mean seriously, life is so light, fun and soulful right now, just totally blessed.  You really can’t help but laugh when you have to take work home and that work involves testing an orgasm cream or a pleasure lip gloss for oral pleasure!  I mean really?  Try be serious and dour!
So – talking of laughter, I have to share my laughter filled Saturday afternoon with you … Duffy and I ended up joining Waewest and The Greek at Gateway for a lazy and long lunch … I don’t think we stopped laughing once … Duffy had a particularly inspired diatribe at one point that had us all doubled over and I have to share … as conversations seem to do these days this one headed towards having children … and Duffy moaned about the unfairness of what we human females have to go through to bring offspring into the world, she asked why we couldn’t be like Emperor Penguins, lay a little egg, hand it over to the man and bugger off to party for a few months and then come back and puke in front of him so he can eat it up … she went on to suggest we needed to be marsupials … again birth a tiny little child and then go to Waewest to have her sew tiny little hidden pouches in your tops by your boob so the kid can just help himself.  The only problem we could see with this arrangement was when you take a boy home and strip and Junior is hanging on your tit!  Gives new meaning to chewing his arm off the next morning LOL  
I have book club tonight, feels like forever since I’ve seen the girls, hoping its an equally hilarious one 🙂  If not, I shall just fill my face with pizza and pasta and go home happy anyway 🙂