More gym hilarity

So I was at the gym this morning and two things struck me…

Firstly how many different/weird people there are out there.  And no matter what gym you go to, you always find the same sorts … and I never get bored of checking them out … you know the types … first there’s the older Asian couple doing gym in their clothes – she’s in a fancy track suit and hoodie that you would wear to the shops not gym and he’s in his jeans with a golf shirt and takkies on the treadmill – neither of them ever breaks a sweat or exerts themselves in any way … then there’s the young woman who’s wearing too little clothing that’s too sexy and too much makeup who looks like she should be in a Kylie Minogue music video or something (or maybe Lady Gaga) and she spends more time surreptitiously sneaking glances of herself in reflective surfaces than actually working out … then there’s the gym freak runner guy who looks like someone needs to feed him a good fatty meal – he’s always too lean and working too hard to stay that way in his teeny running shorts – in his defense – his head is down and he’s working out at least!

So this morning, like most, I found myself a spot on an orbital trainer and got down to the business of sweating while checking out all these weird and wonderful people … and then this guy arrived on the treadmill in front of me!  He’s the sort that doesn’t look so comfy in the gym but looks like an outdoors type – bit scruffy – looked like he’d literally rolled out of bed into his track pants and t-shirt and headed to the gym – which has you wondering what he looks like in bed without the track pants and t-shirt (if you know what I mean) – which I appreciate ‘cos that’s what I do (Roll out of bed and make no effort to look good at gym I mean!)!  Anyway … he got on the treadmill in front of me and started running and man oh man did that boy had a pair of buns on him!!!  Mmm mmm mmm!!! Amazing how quick that 20 mins went by with the view I had!

That’s when the second thing struck me … I’m like a raging hormone at the moment!  As I got to work this morning I got a message from the FWB saying he’s on his way back to Durbs … thank fuck for that! Literally LOL


  1. Anonymous on July 22, 2011 at 11:59 am

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