That pair of jeans that makes all right with the world!

Despite almost freezing my nipples off in Durban today, it’s a good day!  There’s lots to be grateful for!

Most importantly, I managed to get my skinny jeans on this morning!!!  You know all girls secretly (if not openly) have an outfit that remains in their wardrobe regardless of weight gain or loss … that when worn comfortably, all seems right with their world?!  Well, I have my favourite pair of jeans – they’re quite 70s style (which is coming back in – YES!) and they have absolutely no stretch in them, so there’s no crooking the books as it were.  I love my body when I fit comfortably into them, when I first tried to put them on about 2 months ago in an effort to guilt my heffalump like self into the gym, I got as far as my knees and that was it!  Depressing, awful, yuck!  So I’ve been gyming fairly regularly for the last two months, on my own mostly, during winter!  I have cured myself of a whole bunch of excuses I had for not going in the past!  And I’ve started feeling and seeing the results … so about 2 weeks ago I tried the jeans test again … and that time got as far as fitting half my ass into them and no further … progress but still a long way to go!  This morning I got into them – granted I can’t do the zip up, let alone fasten the button, but hey – my whole ass got in them!  That’s huge!  The moment… hopefully not the ass!  So I reckon in the next month or so I should be able to SQUEEZE into them and within 2 months they should be fitting perfectly!  WOOP WOOP!  On wards and upwards 😀

I’m also really grateful that our business is doing so well 🙂  Our Umhlanga Branch is rocking!  And despite crazy workload that I never seem to be able to get on top of, I am at least settling into a rhythm and not working every evening as I was before.

I’m grateful for little financial windfalls that keep coming my way – someone out there is watching over me for sure!  Having given up my second job (and the majority of my income!) at the beginning of this year, I have still somehow managed to get by every month, and barring having to cut back here and there, I am still largely able to do what makes me happy (of course I am very easy to please!).  Yet another affirmation that I’m doing the right thing and heading in the right direction!

Very happy that Sun Goddess is back from a 3 week long, no contact, bundu bashing exercise!  Missed her TERRIBLY!  Don’t know how I’m gonna survive the end of this year when they are away for 3 months!  Phew!  Going to need crates of whiskey or some form of drugs I reckon! 😀

Super grateful that I have two stable and reliable housemates at the moment!  Missing Duffy terribly with her being in Jhb all week every week – can’t wait til she’s back in Durban full time!  Duffy Dog has adjusted nicely, and has no problem insisting on love and tummy tickles when he needs them!  It’s United Nations again at my house with my new housemate being Romanian, but she seems to be settling in perfectly and I’m hoping for drama free times ahead 🙂

LOVING long hot baths with my Kindle – seriously – it’s a good thing I’m single or this Kindle would cause a divorce!  Loving being able to devour books so cheaply and easily!

Missing the FWB – it’s amazing how quickly you get used to having someone around!

And on a totally unrelated topic – I need a new sunlounger before winter!  Urgently!  My wooden ones, despite being balau wood and supposed to survive the sun, etc. are literally only good as firewood at the moment, it takes some creative balancing and wedging to be able to lie on them for any amount of time without a slat breaking and puncturing a lung!  Oh well – will treat myself with the next money that comes in! 🙂

Over winter – could summer come now please?!?!


  1. Micklyn on July 13, 2011 at 10:58 am

    You have a kindle, too. Mine is always close at hand! And I quite get that skinny jeans saga, been there, done that. : )

  2. Chanteuse on July 13, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Yup, Kindle verskrik! Amazing how much more patient I've become with it as well – carry it in my bag – so if I arrive somewhere and appointment running late or whatever, I whip it out and read – modern technology makes life so much more convenient! 😀

    Must email you a list of books I have and you can let me know your kindle address if you want me to send you any of them 😉